Do You Trust Your Roof?

Get a long-lasting metal roofing system for your Myrtle Beach & North Myrtle Beach, SC building

Metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing systems on the market and has become a popular choice for both residential and commercial roofs. Anderson Roofing, Inc provides metal roof installation and repair services throughout Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, SC and the greater Grand Strand area.

Our licensed contractors have lengthy experience working with metal roofing materials, from tin and steel to aluminum and copper. We'll provide on-site project assessments to ensure your metal roof installation or repair is done properly.

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Metal Roof Installation

Installation you can trust. A roof you can depend on.

Anderson Roofing has helped countless families and businesses across Myrtle Beach & North Myrtle Beach, SC add beauty, strength, longevity and value to their buildings with premium metal roofing systems. Our efficient installation process allows us to restore your roof quickly, leaving you with a reliable and appealing roof.

Our installation process includes:

  1. Preparation: We'll stabilize your roofing structure and install fasteners to hold the roof in place.
  2. Measuring: Each metal panel is measured and professionally cut for seamless installation.
  3. Installation: The metal panels are laid and fastened correctly to prevent future issues.
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Make the Right Roofing Choice for Your Investment

Look to us for metal roof installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you want to give your home or office a unique look, metal roof installation is the right choice for you. Bring your vision to life with help from a contractor at Anderson Roofing, Inc. We use durable metals, like steel, aluminum, copper and zinc to create a strong roof that looks good, too.

We suggest covering your home or office in Myrtle Beach, SC with standing-seam metal roofing. To learn more about your options, call now.

Discover the benefits of metal roof installation

Several home and business owners are making the switch from traditional asphalt shingles to metal roof installation because:

  • Metal is a fire retardant
  • Metal can withstand the elements
  • Metal is easy to take care of
  • Metal is long-lasting

Since metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, it's easy to customize to your liking.

Increase the value of your home or office with metal roof installation. Call now to schedule your service in Myrtle Beach, SC.